Zobel Sports Consulting demonstrates a unique approach to managing events and delivering service to clients. We are able to address stakeholder needs on an individual basis, key stakeholders and address needs individually to create a strong relationship with the ability to work through complex requirements. We want to be there for each client with individualized attention and a high level of customer service focus. We prioritize all venue and media personnel in order to develop a respectful relationships. By doing so, we generate successful events that stem from the willingness to listen and find creative solutions to unique event challenges.

THE 2015 NRFL COMBINE: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The 2015 NRFL Combine was the first professional rugby event ever held in the 93-year history of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The combine was a four-day workout that consisted of NFL combine drills and rugby tests used to identify future professional rugby players. Over 200 players were processed throughout the four days, including dozens of former NFL players.

The recruitment of the entire group of players as well as the production of the combine itself was led by Zobel Sports Consulting. This was an event that was months in the making that followed a detailed plan to navigate the unique circumstances in which this event was taking place.

The execution of the event had to take into account travel requirements for dozens of people, the needs of the Los Angeles Coliseum, as well as to provide the athletes with a safe, secure environment in which to display their talents. Players were scouted using a collection of scouts, coaches, and agents from both rugby and football, coming from all parts of the world.

This combine, the first of its kind, is an example of Zobel Sports Consulting's ability to take on and execute the biggest of projects, without a prior blueprint with which to work off of. Our ability to put together a clear, concise, and coherent plan, and execute on it is one of the many things that we can provide to clients

Shawn navigated a complicated web of needs that the event had with great ease and precision. He was there for each member of his client base with individualized attention and a high level of customer service focus. Shawn was able to diagnose and prioritize several key stakeholders that were all present for his event. I couldn’t be happier to work with Shawn again and would highly recommend.
— Brian Grant, Director of Operations, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena

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