letter from Founder

"From a young age, I grew up loving football and have had a passion for scouting ever since high school. I have devoted my entire life to turn my passion for sports into a career. At 17-years old I started my own private scouting company that eventually evolved into a full-time business called Draft Headquarters. Over the course of the next decade, I have worked in college football at the University of Minnesota, in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams, in addition to working at the league office in New York. I have also worked for the NFL Network at the NFL Scouting Combine for five years in a row. At the high school level, I coached at Eden Prairie HS in Minnesota and contributed to two state championships. I have also worked in high school scouting for XOS Digital for nearly three years.

Most recently, as the Director of Player Personnel for the upstart National Rugby Football League, I recruited and processed over 500 players at eight different combines in seven different locations across the country in a span of 26 months. In my role I was tasked with identifying former college football and NFL players to recruit, workout, and successfully convert them to professional rugby players. We had multiple successful trials in which former NFL players traveled internationally and made an impact with teams all around the world.

Zobel Sports Consulting is a culmination of my experience working in sports combined with the ability to reach a large number of companies in various areas of the sports industry. With experience in scouting, recruiting, consulting, event management, and coaching, Zobel Sports Consulting is a prime location to look for assistance with developing and executing projects in the world of sports."

- Shawn Zobel